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Born and raised in Germany in the late 80’s and early 90’s Gurko grows up with Rap music and Breakdance. Starting to produce his own beats and recording for rap artists in his teenage years he becomes the resident Dj of the local youth-club in Augsburg. His music spectrum gets wider as he starts to work with Istanbul’s Açık Radio, after moving here in the beginning of the century. Playing at all kinds of venues and events and hosting a radio show since 2008, Gurko’s selection becomes very variable and eclectic. His sets are going from groovy disco to acid house, from dub techno to oldschool jungle and african rhytms. With him it’s not about genre, it’s about mood and story. Besides being the responsible man for Blackout’s radio show, he also runs a record shop, is part of the vinyl playing collective Plak Attack, resident at Ziba while he works on his sample based house productions on the MPC or is busy playing at a freaky disco show somewhere in Europe.